Current CRRT Rotation

For the year of 2022, Rotating Participant, leading the Cyber Rapid Response Teams rotation, is Romania. In 2021, Rotating Participant was Poland: for the first time CRRT composed of personnel delegated from all Participating Members: continuous development of a multinational capability. In 2020, Rotating Participant was the Lead Nation Lithuania: for the first time CRRT composed of personnel delegated from different Participating Members as a multinational capability. In 2019, the Netherlands started the first CRRT rotation; CRRT composed from Dutch cyber experts.

The role of the Rotating Participant:

The Rotating Participant is responsible for leading the operational aspects of the CRRT capability, such as:

  • Implementing the CRRTs’ Annual Activity Plan;
  • Initiating and co-chairing the CRRT Council meetings together with the Lead Participant when a cyber incident takes place;
  • Organising CRRT exercise once per each rotation during the first half of the year;
  • Organising a training for the CRRT;
  • Coordinating planned activities, as approved by the CRRT Council;
  • Organising the Annual meeting of Participants in the first quarter of each calendar year, if needed.

CRRT rotations in perspective:

2021: Third CRRT rotation: second multinational capability, led by Poland:

  • Full Operational Capability (FOC) reached: Exercise Alarmex 2021 was executed in unusual conditions, COVID-19 related risks had to be managed as well, however, the objectives have been achieved – the decision-making has been tested, CRRT deployment and incident management have been executed;
  • CRRT took part in International CTF exercise and were ranked 19th among 54 participants.

2020: Second CRRT rotation: first multinational capability, led by Lithuania:

  • 2 common operational cyber exercises (“SANS CTF”, NL and “Amber Mist”, LT) organised;
  • 1 ITU “Building an effective cybersecurity team“ training course conducted;
  • a black box vulnerability assessment of the business critical Central Electoral Commission’s web-servers accomplished before the Parliamentary elections in Lithuania;

2019: First CRRT rotation: Dutch national team, led by the Netherlands:

  • Initial Operational capability reached;
  • Common cyber operational exercise “Amber Mist” 2019;